AI In The Workplace Statistics

The workplace is changing, thanks to the rise of artificial intelligence. That’s the assessment from Accenture’s ( ACN ) chief technology & innovation officer Paul Daugherty. “AI isn’t replacing all the jobs, which is sometimes in the perception that people have,” he said at Yahoo Finance’s All Markets Summit Thursday in New York City. “What it’s doing is creating the opportunity for us to rethink what jobs are.” With that, Daugherty highlights several skills that are necessary to stay competitive. A group of startup business employees working together in a modern office environment.

More “People need to focus on the human skills… like complex problem solving, creativity, social-emotional response, communication,” he said. “Things like that are the skills that are in demand.” Daugherty said Accenture employs 500,000 people and invests roughly $1 billion annually in employee training and retraining. “Over half our business is on technologies that didn’t exist five years ago,” Daugherty said, referring to the frequent need for employees to learn new skills to keep up with the fast pace of technological change. Daugherty is also the co-author of “ Human + Machine: Reimagining work in the age of AI.

Post by Scott Gamm a reporter at Yahoo Finance