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Jul 22, 2023 | Digital Marketing, Video Marketing | 1 comment

Boost Sales With Hilarious Animation on Instagram Reels

Boost Sales With Hilarious Animation on Instagram Reels

Want to see your products flying off digital shelves? Well Instagram Reels is primed to get customers whipping out their credit cards faster than a video of puppies playing.

And by mixing in some animated magic, your sales numbers will soar higher than an eagle that just chugged a venti cold brew. Okay, enough with the weird metaphors.

Let’s get down to business:

Animation Makes Reels POP

People are 64% more likely to buy after watching product videos according to Animoto. So adding animation to your Instagram Reels is a surefire way to boost sales.

Why does animation perform so well? Humans are visually wired. Cool graphics and motion grab our attention instantly.

So if you want your organic hoodie line or handcrafted candles to captivate audiences, animation is the key.

Start by outlining a storyboard for your 15 second masterpiece. Keep it focused on one hooky product/service and effective call-to-action.

Then unleash your inner Spielberg and make it shine. Even basic tools like Canva or iMovie have preset animations for logos, text, and graphics.

Up the humor and you’ll see social media gold. Add some dancing leggings, a wig-wearing blender, or hip-hop hot sauce. Silly sells big time.

Smile Your Way To Sales

Animation pulls at heartstrings and gets audiences literally LOLing. And humor ranks high for social engagement.

So once your animated reel is complete, watch those likes and comments roll in. Your products will be smiling too thanks to skyrocketing sales.

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