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Jul 25, 2023 | Video Marketing | 1 comment

Focus on Branding free graphics

Crafting Eye Catching Graphics for New Local Businesses

Starting a new local business? Your graphic designs need to instantly grab customer attention on platforms like social media and your website.

Follow these pro tips to create affordable but effective visual assets with impact:

Focus on Branding

Developing a brand style guide is like giving your business a fancy wardrobe that speaks volumes! Picture this: a delightful medley of vibrant colors, charming fonts, and the clever utilization of your logo.

By embracing this branding masterpiece, your graphics will become instant celebrities, capturing the hearts of all who lay eyes upon them. Get ready to dazzle the world with your visually stunning and oh-so-recognizable brand!

Highlight Your Offerings

Ensure your graphics are tailored to showcase your key products, services, or messaging. Make sure to generously highlight those distinctive elements in every design.

Use High-Quality Photos

Invest in professional lifestyle photography showing real customers enjoying your offerings for the biggest visual impact.

Stock photos can look generic, so spend a bit more on custom images with your location and products. For food businesses, tempting food close-ups are key. For hair salons, show happy client makeovers.

Maximize Text Legibility

Use minimal but readable text on graphics so important info like sales, contact info, and calls-to-action pop.

Choose clean, simple fonts that are easy to quickly read. Avoid lengthy paragraphs of text. Instead, use concise action phrases like “Order Now” or “Book Today.”

Leverage Graphic Design Tools

User-friendly DIY tools like Canva allow you to quickly create polished graphics on a startup budget.

Take advantage of templates and editing features to customize designs on your own. Watch online tutorials to sharpen your graphic skills without needing a designer.

Are you ready to make stunning visual content that you can easily share with others? Begin by downloading my free set of graphics created specifically for local businesses.

These graphics will help you begin in a simple and easy way.

And when you’re all set for some super cool custom designs created by experts that really amp up your brand, just shoot me a message for a pocket-friendly quote!

I can create original assets tailored to your unique business needs.

Get attention in your local area with visual materials that quickly convey the story of your business.

Let’s chat about turning your brand vision into an eye-catching reality!

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