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Get More Real Estate Leads In Your Local Market

Keep Your Pipeline Full Of Qualified Buyers & Sellers Without Monthly Costs

More than ever, most clients decide on a realtor either online or over the phone

So I help you generate quality leads with technology people can access on any device, from home or on-the-go.

Real Estate Leads

Our advanced interactive video technology nurtures prospects into leads…Automatically and WITHOUT the steep monthly fees charged by traditional lead generation companies.

Build Trust

This method is even more powerful in today’s reality of decreased foot traffic. Now you can build trust with prospects in a way they’re comfortable with … and that’s critical for turning those people into customers.

Custom Interactive Video Solutions

Our custom interactive video solutions are simple to integrate with your websites and social platforms for online lead generation 24/7.

Automated Followups

Our powerful interactive videos let prospects engage directly with your video.They can click on links to connect with you, answer surveys, even self-select the information they’re after. 

By the numbers...

consumers prefer interactive video
boosts cta
Acquisition Costs

It’s not even close: interactive video DOMINATES in terms of new customer acquisition. The technology is now mainstream and still growing fast. With 1 out of 4 brands using interactive video, consumers are very familiar with the format.

Check out this sample to see interactive video in action

Let us create a custom solution that works around the clock to bring you new real estate leads!

The Simple Process to grow your business with

Anthony Animates Interactive Video

interactive summary

Stop Chasing Leads … Let Them Find You!

A custom interactive video from me can be the best new customer generation solution for your real estate office.

Save time & money with automation, and keep your pipeline full of qualified leads.

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