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Steps to increase Facebook engagement is worthwhile if you understand what kind of engagement is best suited for your social media goals. If, for example, you are an online publisher and you want to ensure that your content gets into the news feed of your audience, driving likes and comments is key. If, on the other hand, your goal is to foster a community of people interacting on your page, you need to serve as a connector to help other people interact with each other.

As long as you know what you want to achieve with Facebook engagement, and you know how to best serve your audience through those engagements, then you can effectively focus on scaling up the volume. One tactic that has proven particularly effective in amplifying Facebook engagement is the use of interactive apps. One such platform that utilises interactive apps is, this is a platform which helps people easily create interactive apps like polls, quizzes, contests, etc. tailored to their specific engagement goals. Pairing the effectiveness of high-involvement apps with tactics like like-gating, for example, brands can drastically increase the number of page likes and engaged followers.

Post regular content to your Facebook pages, keep your viewers engaged using factual information relating to your business, share inspirational quotes, get on-board with video.

The key, however, is in how well you know your audience, and how well you can show the real human personality of your brand. Cold automated messages won’t be compelling or provocative, so for any tools or solutions you find, incorporating creative or unique elements that bring life to your Facebook efforts will really be what drives more engagement in the end.

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