The Reputation Checklist

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Reputation Checklist

The Reputation Checklist: 4 Essentials for Any Brand

In the digital age, a good online reputation is essential to any brand’s
survival. The reputation of your brand could be an asset, or a burden on
any potential successes. Modern consumers are intelligent, and most will
do online research before making a purchase. Ninety percent of consumers
say that online reviews impact their decisions on whether to purchase a
product. In terms of profits, for every 0.5 star rating increase on a business’
page, there is a 6.5% increase in sales! This means that it is essential for a
business to choose a reputation-oriented marketing agency when it comes
to growing their brand.

While there are many aspects to managing a strong brand reputation
online, there are a few essential steps you must take. Our company goes
in-depth into each of these topics in order to efficiently improve your brand,
and in turn, grow your business.

1. Know What Your Customers Know
It is essential to know what potential customers are seeing from your
business online. The first step? Try googling your business to see what
comes up. Are there unfavorable reviews? Is your business the first to
come up? These are all important factors to assess when beginning any
reputation-based marketing strategy. After seeing how your business is
received online, try searching for your competitor’s name and evaluating
how it compares to yours.

2. Increase Your Visibility
There are so many ways to effectively increase your business’ online
presence. A few important things to take care of include creating social
media profiles, running targeted ads, and creating/updating your website.

3. Engage
Make sure to share all your great feedback! Check for reviews daily. When
customers leave a review, be sure to post it on your website and social
media accounts. Make sure to respond to negative reviews, and leave
thank you notes to good reviewers. Ask your customers to follow you on
social media, and make sure to follow them back.

4. Prevent Crises
Going forward, develop a strategy to handle any crisis situation before it
results in a bad review. Offer an apology to any dissatisfied customers, and
try to resolve the issue if possible.

These are just a few strategies to improve your brand’s online reputation. It
is important to remember that a brand’s online presence is essential to its
success. Sixty-eight percent of consumers say they will pay up to fifteen
percent more for the same product or service if they are assured it will be a
better experience, and a whopping ninety-one percent of consumers say
they trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. Because
this task is instrumental to your business’ growth, our team will help you
grow your positive review count, monitor your reviews online, automate
your review acquisition efforts and refine your reputation marketing strategy
with our comprehensive done-for-you service.

If you’re ready to tap into the power of reputation marketing for your
business, be sure to contact us today!

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