Video Marketing – 10 Essential Steps To Boosting Your Online Video Marketing

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Video Marketing - 10 Essential Steps To Boosting Your Online Video Marketing

Video Marketing – 10 Essential Steps To Boosting Your Online Video Marketing

Online video marketing is rapidly gaining popularity and it is an important element in any corporate strategy. It is extremely easy to do. What are the key components of an effective video marketing campaign?

1. Introduction

It should be informative and brief. You want to build trust and confidence. So don’t bore your viewers. Give them only the facts they need to know so that they can have a clear understanding of your company’s mission, goals, and what makes your organization unique. Keep your video short at under 3 minutes.

2. Calls to Action

It’s your sales video. Make sure you tell your viewer(s) clearly and strongly what they should do next. Don’t bury your “call to action”. It should be visible and bold. It should encourage your viewers to enter your site. Your video should end with a strong call to action.

3. Key benefits

The video should demonstrate the key products or services that you provide. Your sales video should end with a brief overview of your products and services. The video should end with a strong “buy now!” or “proceed to checkout” button.

Making a video is not as hard as you might think. The process itself is easy. All you need is a video camera, an inexpensive editing program, a computer with plenty of memory and internet access.

* Acquire the equipment you need. You can make your own video with your home video camera or through the use of a professional manufacturer. You need a good bright light for shooting your video and an inexpensive editing program for editing.

* Set up your camera. Find a good light source that gives you good color and not too much glare. The editing software should offer multiple backup options. You need to keep multiple backups of your videos. If your editing program needs to access the video files, you should keep all your video files on a separate storage device.

You can use the video camera you currently have or get a better one. However, you might need to invest in a tripod for the video shoots. If the camera has a built in microphone, you can purchase a wireless headset or headset microphone. The microphone can be placed in the camera or mounted on the camera.

Once you have the camera, your editing software, the files, and the storage, you can start making your videos. I recommend you do not upload your videos to the internet for fear of the security risks. If you feel you cannot edit or create the video yourself, you can look for a professional company to do it for you.

* Have your videos ready to upload. You can upload your videos to YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Viddler, Metacafe, or Vimeo. You have a few hours to capture your readers attention. Make sure your videos offer value. Your viewers will feel that you have the expertise to comment on a particular issue.

* Ask for traffic. You need to send your viewers to action. They are likely to act on your call to action. You need to offer what you know or have tested. You can offer testimonials, case studies, tips, etc.

* Promote your videos. When you have your videos ready, you can promote them on social media sites and in your blog.

* Be the expert in your industry. You need to be well known in your industry. Your audience will know you, trust you and become advocates of your products and services.

While these are not the only elements of video marketing, they are the ones I spend the most time on. When you have a few hours to kill, I highly recommend these steps.

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